Safety Tips For Cable Installation

When installing an electric cable or wire it is essential to take the right safety measures. Even professionals with years of experience can get injured while installing or pulling a wire. Following are some essential safety measures that you should always take while working with electric wires and cables:


  1. Before you start on any kind of wiring project, make sure you make a layout of the site. Also create barriers near high voltage sources. It will help you remain safe and keep others on the site safe too. Check the site for any malfunctioning cables, loose wires or hazardous tools. In some project you will need to work in congested areas or at a height so make sure you have proper tools before you begin. 
  2. When working with wires and electric machinery it is preferable to have first aid nearby in case of any emergency so that you can easily take care of minor injuries and cuts. You will not have to spend time searching for a first aid box when emergency strikes. Also make sure that the first aid box consists of all the essential bandages and medicines.
  3. When working with electric machinery or cables make sure you wear protective clothing. You must also wear safety goggles, insulated gloves, hard hat and fire proof clothing. This way you can minimize injuries if you fall from a height or there is fire on site. 

Moreover, also make sure that you are using the right cable handling equipment for doing your wiring projects.

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