Military Combat Shirts – High Tech Apparel for the Military and Law Enforcement Community

The Combat Clothing straight addresses known problems when using body shield.  First, the even torso and lower wallets are practically unproductive as they cannot be come to when body armor is worn.

The weight of the wallets on a typical BDU or ACU t shirt is unnecessary if indeed they can’t be used.  Also, they add unpleasant volume under the defensive vest.

Storage compartments on the True Spec battle shirt can be found on the sleeves instead, where they could be easily accessed.  The next issue the fight tee shirt addresses is comfort.  In warm weather, a typical BDU or ACU clothing worn under body armour is hot and uneasy.

Typically, the soldier or police officer would wear their BDU or ACU top over yet another base layer like a t-shirt and the complete setup doesn’t inhale well.

The Tru-Spec brand Battle shirt’s fully-functional sleeves, predicated on the initial TRU design, are produced from Cardura Nico textile.  For more additional information about U.S. G.I. BDU 6 COLOR DESERT SHIRT, you can check out via the web.

Obtainable in two high-performance cloth options, the Tactical Response Battle T-shirt features MultiCam sleeves with a Fine sand color body and another Military Digital version with a Foliage color body that comes with 50/50 nylon-cotton No Melt, No Drip rip-stop sleeves in the ACU design.

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